Ok – this is my first blog ever… lol.  But I figure I should start to write down some of my thoughts, experiences, tips and tricks, and a calendar of car events we give a shit about.  Lately I have been emailed, messaged, texted, IMed, tagged etx from people wanting to know “when is the next car show?” and “What’s going on this weekend?”  Like I am supposed to know… but I guess when you constantly showing up people expect you to know wtf is going on.  So here it is.  The first ever – for real – car show event website dedicated to the car lyfe we love.  To me that includes practically every car genre or car event, meet up, show, etc.  So I promise I will try to list every car thing in FLorida and surrounding areas.  But you all gotta keep me up updated with flyers and information.  Soon I will have a form where all that can be entered in by yourselves… but for now I will do it manually as this site develops.  There is a lot more coming but for now the main thing was – GET UP A DAMN CALENDAR !! I hope you find this helpful and your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Respect and Love,
Bruce FL NOK Ryan

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